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From 1 offs to 1000's off precision machined components and tooling can be produced to customers' requirements and supplied with a wide range of finishes.

We accommodate many materials including: Aluminium, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Exotics and plastics. If your requirements don't fall into the above categories please don't hesitate to call us - we will always try to help!


We can supply your products in a sub-assembled or fully-assembled inspected and tested ready for use on a 'batch or call' basis.


1 off's special equipment/tools etc... are produced using CNC and conventional equipment to meet our customers specs.

All information is digitised and instantly accessible to all departments over our central data way.


Secondary processes such as  broaching, gear cutting, welding, fabrication, aluminum  & iron casting, anodising and plating can be provided on request by customers.


All blasting is carried out in-house and we cater for all grades of bead to get your required finish.


NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition Tooling 177 x 133
NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition Tooling Machining 177 x 133
Tooling Finished 177 x 133 Ball Valve 177 x 133
Poly2 177 x 133 Batch Production Screws 177 x 133
Slat 177 x 133 Slat Machine 177 x 133
Brass Valve 177 x 133 Plugs 177 x 133

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